drawing 11

Note: All the galleries are in CHRONOLOGICAL order, with higher numbered galleries containing 
the newest paintings, moving on down the line of galleries to the oldest paintings in Gallery One

Charm Bracelet Sterling Silver  8"
$198  SOLD



Love Bug Charm 16" 4mm bead chain sterling silver
$68 SOLD



Lucky Love Chicken 16" sterling silver
$198 SOLD


Magic Hand Bracelet 8" sterling silver
$128  SOLD



Dragonfly 16" ss 4mm bead chain $68 SOLD
Dragonfly 20" ss 4mm bead chain $78 SOLD



Happy Hour 16" 5mm sterling silver bead chain


Hazard Cone (Beware of crazy driver!) 20" ss bead chain $58 
Crown (It's not easy) 16" ss bead chain $58  SOLD


Golf Ball Marker
 "Magic Marker" birdie(front) "Be Home on Time" (back)
sterling silver (guaranteed)  $18


Lucky Love Ring size 6 sterling silver
$52  SOLD


Fortune Charms for Chicks 16" 1mm bead chain $22 each

Pants- "You will wear the pants in your relationships" SOLD
T.V.- "You will be in charge of the remote control"
Boobs- "You will get arrested for indecent exposure"SOLD
Bug- "You will get bitten by the Love Bug"SOLD
Pacifier- "You will 'rob the cradle"SOLD
Musical Note- "You will drink to much and sing with a band"SOLD
Pitchfork- "You will be very naughty"SOLD
X- "You will fall for an x-boyfriend"


The Pants 16" sterling silver


"It's not easy (being queen)" 16" sterling silver


Three Angels Baby Spoon  3 3/4 " sterling silver



Flowers and Bows Sugar Spoon   5 " sterling silver


Bow Baby Spoon   5 " sterling silver



Sugar-Foot Dollop Spoon   5 " sterling silver


Busy Bee Spoon   5 " sterling silver



drawing 11